Sports Diet for Basketball Players

People who love to eat are always the best people.

Any kind of sports that is played on field or in house requires the player to sustain a reservoir of energy throughout the game to keep their performance at peaks and reach their full potential and expectations are even higher in a game like Basketball

As a basket ball player nutrition is quite essential even if you are an amateur or a professional in the sport. even though you are burning out in the gym or pushing your self hard does not imply you can eat whatever your taste buds crave out for.  A disciplined diet plan is as  important as a strict fitness regime.  Our body must have all the necessary nutrients to keep you powered for the big day.  

A couple or more hours before the game, players need to eat a larger meal with plenty of fluids more importantly water. A player’s plate should be half full of carbohydrates (rice or wheat (starch)), a quarter protein(chicken ,soya or any kind of proteins) and a quarter of fresh colorful vegetables. If you have more time to digest and relax. always good to have  Mexican food or a sandwich

Focus on fast energy bites that are quick to digest and easy on the stomach, foods like nuts, fruits, and peanut butter, low-fat yogurt.  Especially fruits help you stay hydrated during the game hours.